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An individualised approach to advice, support + strategies for families of wonderfully neurodivergent children


Here’s My Story

I have been working with neurodivergent children & young people since 2009. I have valuable lived experience in supporting children with special educational needs in both specialised and mainstream settings. Alongside this, I have supported Speech and Language and Occupational therapists in the one of Harley Street's top private children's practices. I have experience of Behaviour Analysis and continue to work closely with families and educational settings to advocate for inclusivity and understanding for children and young people with learning and communication challenges. 

Most importantly, I am a parent to an autistic child.

My professional practice and my deep understanding of the challenges that having a child who thinks differently can present, enable me to offer a holistic approach to guiding the children that I work with and very importantly, their families. 

Whether you are pre- diagnosis or years into your journey, I am able to offer a sustainable approach to helping your family face any trials you may be experiencing, from behaviour support, communication difficulties and sensory challenges to diagnosis pathways, Educational Health Care Plans, funding applications and school advocacy.   

You might be...

A parent looking for advice on how best to support your child at home and/or in school

You may be coming to terms with your child's recent diagnosis and looking for support and guidance through the maze of Educational Health Care Plans, school advocacy, Disability Allowance and other funding applications

You may be navigating challenging behaviours and need guidance on the best holistic approach for your family and care workers to manage them

An educational provider looking for advice on how to make your setting more inclusive for neurodivergent learners

This may include looking for whole class approaches to self regulation
Sustainable ways for children with support needs in your care to develop independence + build self esteem
Approaches to social communication and meaningful peer relationships amongst all of your learners
Understanding and celebrating neurodiversity as a culture within your setting 

What I offer...

Coaching and support during pre + post diagnosis

A 'hand to hold' throughout the diagnosis process which can be long and often confusing. I can offer you advice + recommendations  on necessary professional input, help you to prioritise pathways and guide you through administrative processes

School advocacy including accompanying you to meetings with educational or funding providers such as your local borough. I can meet with your child's educational setting and collaborate with them on meaningful approaches to inclusivity and the reasonable adjustments they are expected to make to their environment in light of your child's diagnosis 

Collaboration with your family to provide an individualised plan to help manage any challenging behaviours with an approach that is diagnosis affirming and takes into consideration your child's sensory and social communication needs

This may be on a 'one- off' basis or with on- going coaching that allows us to amend our approach over time and adapt to the needs of your child as an individual

All strategies and plans will be designed around your family's needs and tailored specifically to your child as an individual. Taking into account their unique passions and interests, focusing on positive reinforcement, bolstering their self - esteem and very importantly, their sense of self

These approaches are designed to be sustainable in terms of fitting into your family's lives in order to make them easier. A consistent approach is key and so we will focus on simple strategies that are easy to incorporate into your family's dynamic

Parent testimonials

"I can't recommend Alex Bedward highly enough - and frequently pass on her details. She began working with our son immediately after his autism diagnosis, going into his nursery twice a week to help with his behaviour and social communication, and was an incredibly positive and calming influence on him (and us!)."


"Alex has been such an invaluable support to our family. Her common sense, expertise and lateral thinking has regularly offered us clarity and a way forward.


I charge £90.00 p/h for whichever service you require, to be paid upon receipt of my invoice. Administrative time is charged at the same rate and there is an additional charge for travel which is dependant on your location/ travel times. This fee is wavered for families local to Waltham Forest. 

Please note: If you are an educational setting looking for support, please get in touch for rates.

1 - 1 coaching

Supporting your family at home or in school. Providing a plan + helping you to embed the strategies

Working directly with your child

Supporting your child's development with ongoing sessions, focussing on self regulation, social communication and behaviour


Collaborating with education professionals on your behalf, to develop their understanding of your child's individual needs providing strategies to encourage independence, regulation and inclusivity in schools.



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